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An estimated more than five million Americans experience low back pain. Chronic low back pain is the most common reason for disability in adults 45 years old and younger, and the most frequent symptomatic reason for visiting a physicians office and work absenteeism. Annual direct medical costs have been stated to approximate US $25 billion in the diagnosis, treatment, and lost productivity. Approximately 1/5 of the general population suffers from ongoing neck pain sometimes associated with arm and/or forearm pain.

Most of these painful spinal disorders can be diagnosed and treated non-surgically. However, certain spinal conditions or injuries are appropriately treated with surgical options. Yet, these surgical measures are becoming more and more minimally invasive.
Service Area:
Central VA and Surrounding Areas
Degenerated Discs; Bulging Discs; Herniated Discs, Sciatica; Radiculopathy; Radicular pain, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, Whiplash, Osteoporosis; Spinal and pelvic fractures, & Stenosis.




  • Patient since 2011

    My lower back pain was keeping me from my normal activities. My primary care doctor suggested I visit Dr. DePalma, who took care of the problem in two sessions of shots...
  • Patient since 2008

    Dr. DePalma first treated my facet joint osteoartheritis in 2008. I had been suffering from lower back pain for many years. After diagnosing my condition, Dr. DePalma used radiofrequency ablation to heat up a small area of the nerve that sensed my back pain. This procedure decreased the pain signals to my brain...


  • Michael J. DePalma
    Dr. DePalma is President and Medical Director of Virginia iSpine Physicians where he practices Interventional Spine Care. Dr. DePalma earned his bachelors of science degree in neuroscience with magna cum laude and certificate in foundations of medicine from the Honors College of the University of Pittsburgh in 1995...

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